About Us

Anita BeaverA long, long time ago (late 60’s, heck it was almost the 70’s) in a far away land (Oshawa) a potable princess was born. At the time no one was aware what the future would hold for this strong willed majestic. Upon the family relocating to St. Catharines, the future was even more of a mystery to her teachers as she attended and yes, graduated from Orchard Park, Sheridan Park and Lakeport High School. What would become of this free spirit, would this spirit ever be harnessed? Rather than the traditional route of regal persuasion (preparatory school perhaps), Kim Nicols found herself torn between two career paths. Auto parts sales and serving beer. It has been rumoured that Diana had similar aspirations before meeting Charles (who knows what could have happened if “big ears” didn’t interrupt the natural ebb and flow). Kim eventually decided on an illustrious career serving beer and food. She has always delivered the aforementioned with efficiency, wit and humour (don’t mention the wake of broken glasses or plates, it’s a sensitive area). This career path has proven itself to be more than a job, it has been a lifestyle where many very real and solid friendships developed. 2011 was a stormy year for Kim, but following a storm there is often a rainbow and at the end of the rainbow, not a pot of gold, a Wooden Nicol. So kick back and relax. Enjoy some grog, grub and conversation with friends and welcome to The Wooden Nicol.